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New Edge Real Estate provides our clients with a comprehensive outline of

costings for marketing, so that

the client knows up front what they are getting for their money.

We also provide advice on the most innovative marketing tools that would suit your property


Our point of difference:

  • Communication is the key at New Edge Real Estate. We will talk you through any process and keep you up to date.

  • You have direct contact with the Business Operator at all times.

  • Innovative marketing to find you a quality tenant and to minimise the vacancy period as best as possible.

  • To us you are not just a Client, we appreciate your support of the Company and we will always treat you with the utmost respect.


Taking the time to sit down with clients and listen to their views, concerns and what they need out of any real estate transaction experience is what we love about the job.

Once we understand where you are coming from and your situation if you are willing to share, we have a better understanding of how we can assist you, may it be selling your beloved family home,  buying your first property or investment property or just need to get your vacant property rented.

We are here to help.


Needing just a little bit of advice, we can help.

Thinking of Selling but not sure if its the right time or wanting to rent out your property, but not sure if the property is ready and need some ideas just to get it up to renting standard. 

We are only a phone call away.

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